CannaBizPak Word Map

Create More Business Opportunities

CannaBizPak believes in a multi-channel approach to turning your prospects in to buyers! We employ a 3 touch method incorporating email, web marketing and our core focus – Direct Mail.

Direct mail has the lowest cost-per-lead according to a recent Direct Marketing Association response rate report. We take a comprehensive and long-term approach to maximize your ROI! The more consistent your brand and offer message is, the better your campaign will fair. The number of times a customer sees your mailers also affects how effective it will be.


With CannaBizPak, you’re not sharing space with your competitors and your marketing dollars will not be flushed down the digital drain!

We only allow one representative company per industry category, setting you apart from the pack!!

Your products and services will be highlighted and directly delivered door to door to the dispensary owner.

Dimensional Mailing in Top of the line packaging

Packages and delivered in a brown kraft box to increase opening rate

  • Premium advertising insert printed on rigid, 200# shiny  card stock available 5.5”x 8.5” double sided