“The Grand Daddy of Flavor,” Tasty Puff has been manufacturing quality flavoring since 1999. The Tasty Puff brand is globally recognized and has become a cult-classic product, known for its dedicated fan base, and an elaborate subculture of smokers, vapors, and smoke and head shop owners. Tasty Puff is the original smoke shop flavor and a staple product in any shop.

Tasty Puff Flavoring is a super concentrated, unsweetened flavoring that can be added to loose herb, rolled herb, rolling or blunt papers, or vaporizer or water pipe for a burst of flavor. This food grade flavoring is comprised of natural and artificial ingredients and is approved for use in regulation with the FDA or are approved as GRAS on a reliable industry list. It is made in the USA.

Tasty Puff currently has these products to offer to your location: concentrated flavoring (spray or dropper bottle) in 48 amazing flavors, 57 flavors of e-juice, 42 flavors of premium drip juice, air fresheners, rolling papers, Cotton Mouth Killer mouth spray, and vapor cigarettes.

Our customer service representatives are available to take your order during regular business hours at 866-544-5267. You can also place your order online via tastypuff.com/wholesale. Log on with: tastyman.