Running a marijuana business is a roller coaster ride filled with more obstacles than American Gladiators. The biggest roadblock for marijuana business owners is banks.

Since most banks are unable to work with canna-businesses, MonyMedics’ expert consultants are here to save the day and offer financial tools designed to help these businesses succeed and grow.

Monymedics, through its CannaWerks suite of business products and services, helps dispensaries obtain consideration for traditional banks. Cannawerks offers the following business solutions that can help your dispensary or canna-business reach a higher ground:

1) Point of Banking: When your customer makes a transaction, their card is swiped in the same way as traditional credit cards, a pin is entered, and the customer incurs a small convenience fee at the point of sale, eliminating merchant fees altogether. (temporarily suspended in CO, OR, & WA)

2) Point of Sale/Accounting System: Seed to sale enterprise resource planning software system which includes “real-time” reporting  functions: cultivations, accounting, inventory, employee management, tax reports, full patient tracking and many more customizable modules.

3) Cash Management Kiosk: Transactions through our HIPAA and PCI compliant kiosk are safeguarded through an access control system including electronic locks and audit trail functionality. Customers experience less wait time and all transactions are linked to the point of sale for full account history and real time cash inventory.

If your business is in need of financial solutions and expert advice, contact MonyMedics for the right solution.