WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover
works insanely well!

WeedWipes or Mile HIGH Cleaner removes any MJ mess from trim scissors to concentrates and all smoking in between. Remove ANY Cannabis stickiness from ANY surface; metal, glass, plastic, paint, counter tops, Acrylic and even fabric! Natural, edible and safe for the environment.
Scientifically formulated for Cannabis. The Next Generation in cleaning!
Finally take a bite out of the Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) sales. ISO and Salt is the most common cleaner for resin and is sold thousands of times more than all the over the counter cleaners combined, yet you, as the dispensary get NONE of those sales.

WeedWipes is;

  • Cheaper than ISO
  • Works better than ISO
  • Is used daily to prevent resin (bringing repeat customers back in your store)
  • Is good for the planet (something you can be proud to sell)
  • Gives you 100% mark up or better depending on quantity.
  • Monthly specials (Xmas; 1 case kits, 1 case bottles for 500.00, Retails for 1300.00)
  • Product Training (onsite or video).
  • Free product to ALL your budtenders or sales associates.
  • Free giveaways and specials at your store to your customers.
  • Free demonstrations with special pricing for your customers and WE PROVIDE THE STOCK (zero risk to you) We demo the product. When they buy, we hand them the product for you to ring up. At the end you pay us ½ of what you collected.
    WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover works like magic.

Mention “CannaBizPak” for product launch specials!