CannaBizPak Mail Campaign

The CannaBizPak Story

What an incredible industry we are in!  It’s ripe with possibilities. New opportunities are everywhere. It has sustained exponentially positive growth!  Recognizing the extraordinary potential of the cannabis industry, business associates for over 25 years, Cass O’Malley and Jennifer Holt, formed MonyMedics. MonyMedics is a company designed to help Canna-businesses with cash management and merchant services.  Great idea, right?

Little did we know that we would pour thousands and thousands of dollars down the digital marketing drain with little or no return on investment!  We believe the old reliable method where sales reps call the prospect is still one of the best ways to make connections. But the results are slow and competition is fierce. We wanted to find a way to stand apart from the competition and highlight our offerings.

Giving up is not an option! We are committed to this industry!

After countless hours of brainstorming and research, we went back to ground zero, the basics. We went back to the tried and true techniques that have worked time and again. Back to the proven, personalized marketing techniques used by businesses every day and… CannaBizPak was born!

CannaBizPak enables you to get in front of a highly targeted group of decision makers in a short amount of time, and make a BIG impact with your company’s personalized message!

Imagine being in front of key decision makers on a monthly basis to present your products and services with no head-to-head competition?

That is exactly what CannaBizPak offers.

We are driven. We are tenacious. We are exclusive. And we are excited to welcome you to join us.