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Welcome To CannaBizPak!

CannaBizPak has been created to become the missing component to your company’s multi-channel marketing approach.  Ancillary businesses are fighting it out online to gain the attention of the dispensaries and retailers in the 2.7 billion dollar Cannabis marketplace.  CannaBizPak is taking a unique 3 Touch approach to reaching the decision makers in your target market!  Direct Mail, Email Campaigns and a listing on the CannaBizPak website combine to make this the most comprehensive marketing approach available in our industry today!  CannaBizPak is your vehicle to weed out your competition and gain greater market share!  Get started today!

What is the biggest difference about CannaBizPak versus online marketing?

With CannaBizPak you’re not sharing space with your competitors!  Only one representative company per industry category selling into the legalized Cannabis industry.

Your products and services will be highlighted on beautiful high gloss, double sided stock and delivered in a one of a kind dimensional mailing package, directly to the dispensary owner!

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User Reviews

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn and Cass late last year. Immediately, I was impressed with their creativity, drive and work ethic. I learned quickly that they have what it takes to be major players in our industry, with the proof being CannaBizPak. Don’t let their southern charm throw you. Jenn and Cass are a force to be reckoned with. I am proud and privileged to be working with them.